Meet Jenny - Jr. Systems Admin

Posted On 05.15.2018

What do you do here at Relic?
Right now I’m Junior System Admin. I’ve been here for about two years now, and started out as IT Help Desk Support, and have moved over to this new role.
What brought you to Relic?
Well I was wrapping up an internship, and looking for more stable work following that. I saw the posting online, and I’m a big gamer so Relic jumped out at me.
You are a big gamer, a MOBA fan!
Yeah, I mostly play PUBG with other Relic staff and friends now, but I played League of Legends pretty seriously for about five years. It was never a professional thing, but I managed to climb the ladder and made it to the top 2% of players in season…three, I think? I avidly followed the Championship Series which brought me to events like PAX Prime 2013, it was fun cheering Cloud 9 on. I even used to make my own League t-shirt designs and gave one of them to Riot Phreak.
Aside from video games, you’re also really into weight training!
Yeah! I’ve been training for about two years now, aiming to attend a power lifting meet next year.
What made you want to lift heavy things for fun?
I started off working out due to chronic spinal pain, so I wanted to strengthen my core muscles. As I got into the routine of working out I ended up becoming really passionate about it. It definitely is challenging as I’m pretty small, so I wanted to see how much someone with a low body weight like me could lift. It’s super challenging and can be taxing on your body if you’re not careful, but it’s a good challenge.
What’s your current record weight?
My current personal records are – bench press 75lbs, squats 140lbs, conventional deadlifts 150lbs, and sumo deadlifts 215lbs at 112lbs body weight. Back in December I had an injury which set me back a bit, but it feels good to lift double my weight! My current goal for the meet next year is to deadlift over twice my body weight.
Good for you! You’re a born and raised Vancouverite (a rare breed), are you also an outdoorsy person?
I’m becoming one! I love road trips and have recently been trying to get more into hiking. I did some snowshoeing this season, which was great.
What brought you to the world of IT?
Well I always played games, and quite a bit ago I built my first gaming PC. I’ve just always love the various parts of a computer and how they fit together, to the point where I was reading about it on forums and communities like that. That interest made me curious about working in IT, and luckily, I like it a lot!
Well I know you guys are rock stars of the studio. You and the entire team are super helpful, so I’m glad you found your calling.
Thanks! Relic is a good environment to work in, it feels like we’re all on the same team. Like any job it’s a little intimidating to meet people during your first couple of months, but everyone here is super nice, which is great since the job has me meet basically everyone at some point or another. Working at a game development studio is also a good challenge, it’s always something different each day. There are different people with different roles, so there are a lot of hardware and software requirements. Everyone kind of has different needs, which can be stressful, but it makes it super interesting.

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