Meet Caro - Game Designer

Posted On 01.12.2018

Let’s start with the obvious, how did you make your way to Relic?

I knew early in my career that I wanted to make games, but in Mexico, where I’m from, I didn’t have a clear path to do that. At University, I found out about Vancouver Film School and their scholarship for Game Design. I applied and I got it, so I packed my bags for Vancouver! I loved Vancouver and decided I wanted to stay. While studying at VFS I found out about the Brian Wood Memorial Internship with Relic, I was fortunate enough to get it, and I’ve been at Relic ever since!

So you’ve been here for five years now, what do you love about Vancouver?

Having grown up in massive Mexico City, I love the feel of Vancouver. It’s awesome that it feels like a city when you want it to, but it also feels like a little tiny town when you want some peace and quiet. It’s super friendly and international, and it’s definitely a foodie town, food just thrives here. No matter where you’re from you can find amazing cuisine in Vancouver that tastes like home.

Totally hear you on that. Is Chanchos still the best Mexican food in town?

No questions asked, the absolute best! I go at least once a week to make sure they are keeping on top of things.

Let’s rewind a bit, you said you wanted to get into games early, how early are we talking here?

I played a lot of games growing up, and around high school I got really into games with narrative & progression depth. Being able to get lost for hours in a game’s universe made me really appreciate the medium, but I didn’t understand how these big beautiful games were actually made, they felt a bit like a fairytale. I started reading a lot about video game production and experimenting with Unreal Engine, and it all kind of took off from there.

Which games inspired you the most to get into the industry?

The entire Elder Scrolls series, they’re just so fantastic. When I was playing those games, god, they were so immersive, and I just wanted to play them so much. Final Fantasy VII was another game that I just loved. It had a big role to play in sparking my interest for gamedev.

Cool, so what are you playing at the moment?

I’m really loving Zelda: Breath of the wild right now. I’ve also developed an interest for games of optimization challenges. I’m currently hooked on Human Resource Machine, a little programming game which is more fun than it sounds. I’ve also just installed Big Pharma and Factorio which are the same kind of thing. They kind of tie in to what I’m currently trying to achieve at work.

Caro & Her Cats!

Oh, how’s that?

We’re thinking a lot about progression in RTS games and how those systems could focus on helping players develop their skills. It would be great to build progression systems that actually help players get better at the game, not just arbitrarily leveling up or unlocking power. We believe this will create better value for a player’s time investment and be more meaningful, while respecting the competitive nature of our games. 

So what do you like to get up to outside of work?

I absolutely love Dungeons and Dragons, I get together with folks from Relic to play it regularly.

During Dawn of War III I developed an interest in voice acting which all started when I was doing some placeholder stuff for the game. Now I’m taking it a bit more seriously, I’m training and learning a lot.

I also like to spend time with my two cats. I’ve got one called Samara, after the Mass Effect character, and also Bruce, who is all black. I called him Bruce after Bruce Wayne! My family have even more cats back in Mexico, I love them too!

Before we go, can you give us a fun fact about your work?

Well you know how I said I was into voice acting, well, I’m actually the voice of the Squigs in Dawn of War III! It shipped!


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