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Other Companies Tell People They’re Located Next to Us.

Maybe it’s our employees. Maybe it’s our parties. Whatever it is, our neighbors seem to love us as much as we love them. And that’s the way we like it.

See, while some people might wonder, “what’s so special about Vancouver?” we already know. That’s because, for us, it’s one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and highly multicultural cities in the world. Which is why you’ll probably always find Relic Studios nestled in the heart of Vancouver's business district, just steps away from the cafes, restaurants, and pubs that work together to give our neighborhood its distinctive feel.

Employment Specifics

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  • We prefer online applications as well as online or website portfolios/demos.
  • Apply with cover letter and resume, as well as appropriate portfolio/demo materials.
  • Thanks for your interest in opportunities with Relic! We contact only those applicants shortlisted for interview.
  • No phone calls please.


  • Industry-competitive salaries
  • May be eligible for extended group benefits, group RRSP plan
  • Studio funded extra curricular activities, conferences, professional development and other perks


  • Relic always tries to find the best candidate for each of our openings.
  • Our assessment is based on skills, experience, and studio fit.
  • At times, depending on the position and the vacancy, the sheer processing time for work permits may prohibit us from pursuing international candidates.
  • However, it is always our goal to find the best person for the job.
  • After coming on board with Relic, we do our best to support our international employees’ desires to pursue permit extensions and/or applications for permanent residency (this is of course based on the employee’s potential future with Relic).

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