Homeworld Turns 18!

Posted On 09.27.2017

It should go without saying that Homeworld holds a special place in our hearts! It's the first game we ever launched, and it's the game that transformed us from an unknown entity, into the studio that went on to make Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and all the other great titles since.Without Homeworld, those games may have never seen the light of day!

This anniversary feels extra special for us because this year also marks twenty years of Relic Entertainment. We have to give major props to Gearbox Software for allowing us to celebrate this occasion. We couldn't be happier to see the franchise in such great hands.

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As part of our celebrations, we've made this awesome anniversary wallpaper which you can download by clicking the links above.

However, that's not it. Stay tuned for more cool Homeworld related shenanigans later this week!

Also, If you love Homeworld as much as we do, why not dust off this old classic and take it for another voyage this weekend. We'll sure be doing the same.

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