Kill Orks Save Orcas Charity Stream

Posted On 06.01.2017

We’re both proud and excited to be hosting our Kill Orks Save Orcas stream as part of  Whale and Dolphin Conservation's (WDC) Gamers for Orcas Challenge. Why are we proud? Well, being based in British Columbia, we love wildlife, especially Orcas! We’ve sponsored WDC for over two years, so we’re stoked to be supporting such a fantastic organization once again. Our segment will be running from 10 AM PST on June 9th.

Ok, cool, so why are we excited? Simply because this stream is going to be freaking awesome! We’ve got two members of our Dawn of War team battling it out against two members of our Company of Heroes team. They’ll be squaring off against each other in a series of high-octane matches, on both Dawn of War 3 and Company of Heroes 2. Not only are they gaming to save Orcas, they are fighting for the honor of their respective franchises! The stakes are high. 

Things should get pretty interesting with our devious handicap mechanic. Because the Company of Heroes team are better at Company of Heroes, and the Dawn of War duo are better at Dawn of War, you folks, the community, will be able to handicap the team playing on their home game. This will undoubtedly cause chaos and should give the away team a fighting chance!

Our mischievous handicaps will scale up in severity depending on the donation amount. For example, a smaller donation will allow you to stop the team from using hotkey shortcuts for a few minutes. A larger donation could block a player from using abilities for a certain time, or allow you to sabotage your victim’s load out before the match.

Inflicting these savage handicaps is done by donating to the WDC GivePenny page during the stream. All proceeds will go towards supporting the WDC’s amazing work. This means that whether you want to root for your favorite franchise, or you just want to watch the world burn, there’s a great reason to get involved.

We’ll also be raffling off some goodies during the event. The grand prize will be the Dawn of War III Collector’s Edition. On top of that, we’re also giving away Dawn of War III Skull Kits, posters, and Limited Edition Company of Heroes 2 t-shirts. Many prizes, much awesomeness, and a truly great cause. We hope to see you in the stream!


Donating guidelines

• All donations will go directly toward supporting WDC’s fantastic work.
• If you want to make a donation, please head to
• Please check the handicaps list below before making a donation.
• Donaters should state their Twitch username name in the GivePenny Donation fields.
• Donaters should also leave their real name and email address if they wish to receive the free Epic Starter Pack for Crusaders of the Lost idols, and also be in with the chance to win separate prizes from WDC (separate to the Relic raffle).

Handicap rules

• Donaters should be aware that there will likely be a delay between their donation, and in game handicap implementation.
• Only the team that is currently playing on stream can be handicapped.
• All handicaps affect both team members.
• If someone cheats and breaks the handicap, then the time counter starts again. The referee may show leniency and give a warning before resetting the timer.
• No two handicaps can be active at the same time, handicaps will queue and become active when the previous one has expired.
• Some handicaps cannot be implemented in game, and will queue until the next match.
• If someone donates for a next match handicap on the final match of that game, the next highest handicap will be implemented, followed by the $5 dollar handicap.

The Handicaps

Dawn of War Team Handicaps: For when Dawn of War team are live on stream.

1) $5 = Mouse only for 2 minutes.
2) $10 = Switch computer with partner for 5 minutes.
3) $15 = Can’t build or reinforce units for 2 minutes.
4) $20 = Donater picks faction (pre / next match decision).
5) $25 = No Elite or unit abilities for 5 minutes.

Company of Heroes Team Handicaps: For when the Company of Heroes team are live on stream.

1) $5 = Mouse only for 2 minutes
2) $10 = Switch computer with partner for 5 minutes
3) $15 = No commander or unit abilities for 5 minutes
4) $20 = No retreating for 3 minutes
5) $25 = No commanders (pre/next game decision)

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