Dawn of War 3 Goes Live!

Posted On 04.27.2017

Dawn of War 3 has officially launched! It’s been a long time coming, and for many of us here at Relic, it’s the culmination of years of passion and hard work. By now, we’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Dawn of War 3 itself. How about hearing from some of our troops who’ve toiled tirelessly to get the game out there? 

First off, because everyone loves metadata, and nothing screams fun like a survey, we sent a little questionnaire around the Dawn of War 3 team. Here are the results.

In a shocking upset, Warboss Gorgutz is the team’s favorite character. Xenos lovers! Gabe and the boys won’t be happy!

Hopefully the Blood Ravens won’t take it too personally though, as Space Marines are still the overall faction of choice.

Some other fun facts: Jain Zar is the team’s favorite Elite, their preferred mission is number 10 – Cunning and Wiles, and Solarian’s Gate is the most popular multiplayer map.

We also asked the gang if they’d be willing to share any of their pro strats with the community. Some were reluctant like Cam “I’ve got to keep them secret for as long as I can.” White. Luckily Devtest mavericks, Darren, David and Tim were happy to divulge some of their most evil tactics. These guys are probably the best players in the studio, so this info is worth its weight in gold.

Darren has a strat he likes to call ZapNobbin. As Orks, he loads Nobs into Trukks, launches them into the enemy ranks and then initiates Taunt. As foes converge on the Nobs, he throws Zapnoggin’s Fist of Gork into the fray causing massive damage. He follows this up by teleporting Zapnoggin on top of the now immobilized troops before finishing them off with a Scrap Blast.  

When using Eldar, Tim likes to select both the Wraithlord and the Ranged Wraithknight as his Elites. The Wraithknights presence doctrine allows him to recall all Wraithguard and Wraithblades for free, which is great for quickly healing up a sizeable Wraith based force. Thanks to the Wraithlord’s doctrine, the horror show begins when they teleport directly back into the fight, fully healed, mere seconds after they left.

David, an avid Space Marine player is a fan of using Jonah Orion’s presence doctrine to wreck face. This ability creates a Stonewall around the Chapter Standard when planted. He uses this to trap large groups of enemy infantry in a doom room with Gabriel Angelos and some Assault Marines, or a Deathstorm Drop pod. Nasty.

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to have GameSpot come to the studio. Our team talked to them about the history of the game, the development cycle, and what people can expect from Dawn of War 3. You can watch the full video below.

Kind souls that they are, some of our other team members were happy to talk about their standout moments making the game.

Lewis, one of our AI Programmers, recalled wrestling nonstop with a funny but immersion-breaking bug. For one reason or another, our AI Servitors developed a questionable penchant for engaging enemy Dreadnoughts in single combat. Despite their bravery, it never ended well.

Producer Matt said “For me I can’t really single out a particular moment, the whole development’s been fantastic. We’ve got a great team, a great mix of people, and it’s probably been the best atmosphere in my entire time here making games here.” No small thing given that Matt has been with Relic for over 11 years.


Lead Campaign Designer Brent said, “My standout moment was meeting the awesome fans at Gamescom 2016, and the thrill of seeing new players come away from the game smiling.”

Ultimately, making a great game that you guys love is what we’re all about! We’re super proud of Dawn of War 3 and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Have fun everyone!

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