Relic joins the Jam!

Posted On 02.03.2015

It’s a fact, our team loves to make games. We are known for creating some of the world’s best RTS games but sometimes our developers need to shake things up to get the creative juices flowing.

The Global Game Jam is the perfect place to recharge the batteries. One of the biggest game development events in the world whereby attendees have only 48 hours to design and prototype a game, this major event sees over 5,000 games produced from around the globe. A thriving gaming hub, Vancouver is world’s 3rd largest Game Jam with 377 jammers in a single room.

Relic has been a passionate sponsor of this event for the past two years.

This year, we provided GameFuel boxes to all the Jammers to keep their energy up as everyone pushed to create a game within the timeframe. We also had three dedicated teams of Relicans developing games. We even had senior members of our studio on hand to provide mentorship and advice to all participants.

Check out the great games created by our passionate team of Jammers.

Deep Ship

You and your buddy are in a submarine. Dangers are abound. Leaks, fires... zorgs? There is only so much you can do at a time. You ask yourself one thing: "What do we do now?" Coordinate with your partner to use and repair different systems on your sinking submarine in order to survive as long as possible.

Hellz Kitchen

A two player couch coop cooking experience where players experience the thrill of cooking with your friends as you scramble against the clock to finish the recipe.

The Secret of the Crystals

A prototype top-down puzzle platformer game where the player must navigate mini puzzle worlds, smash the elusive puzzle crystals of each level, and make it to the exit.
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