GDC Presentation: Empowering Artists

Posted On 03.09.2015

Relic has some of the best and brightest talent in the gaming industry. They are the driving force in behind our world-class games and are recognized thought leaders.

At GDC this March, our own Jason Brackman was invited by Allegorithmic to deliver a presentation about Technical Art Pipelines and Substance Designer. He is a Senior Technical Artist at Relic where he oversees the organization and customization of art pipelines.

Speaking to a packed room, Jason delivered a compelling and informative presentation highlighting how Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer can be used to improve art pipelines and ultimately empower artists.

Despite its technical focus, attendees were given 3 simple takeaways:

1. Clean source makes the difference in a large project
Source art should be easy to create, maintain, and change. At the most basic level, source should open without errors or missing content. Allegorithmic provides a huge advantage for Technical Artists by saving out Substance Designer SBS files in XML format.

2. Your pipeline is unique – use the customization tools available
Unique pipeline challenges exist for every project and an effective pipeline needs some automation to help manage these challenges. Allegorithmic’s customization tools assist in the automation process as is seen with the use of XML, batch tools and python calls.

3. Start with small changes
Small things can lead to big changes. While pipelines will solve many time sink issues for artists, the pipeline moves the complexity to someone more technical to maintain. It helps to narrow down the problem to a specific area that can be solved in a reasonable amount of time. Also, by getting the pipeline into the hands of artists as soon as possible so they can evaluate if things are better or if new “pain points” develop — it’s often possible that things are good enough.

Visit Jason’s blog to learn more about Substance Designer and technical art pipelines

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