On Retribution's Birthday, A Gift To Our Fans

Posted On 03.01.2016

Warhammer® 40,000®: Dawn of War® II: Retribution™ is turning five, and we’ve invited a brand new hero to the party. On March 10th, the Necron Overlord will join the fray as the eighth playable champion in the ever popular survival mode, The Last Stand™.

To celebrate the anniversary and the unwavering dedication of the game community, the Necron Overlord will be released as free downloadable content on Steam for five days – one for each year of bloodshed. Then from March 15th onward, the new hero will be available to purchase as DLC for $9.99. We’ll be releasing the fan-favourite hero as part of a patch update including new unlockable achievements and community-requested improvements to gameplay.

For those uninitiated, the Overlords of the Necrons, armed with crackling warscythes, turn any battlefield into carnage as they dispatch foes in flares of blinding energy and even summon the powerful Nightbringer Shard to devastate foes. The new hero boasts a fresh combat style, playable as both a long-ranged, fast-firing battlecruiser, or as an area-of-effect melee expert.

Everyone at Relic is incredibly proud and grateful for the loyal community that has embraced Dawn of War II: Retribution, and we felt that sharing the Necron Overlord with you for free is the perfect way to say thanks. After all, it’s because of your dedication and passionate feedback that we got to create the Necron Overlord, and fine tune the gameplay experience with the anniversary update!

Get a taste of the Necron Overlord’s wrath with this reveal trailer, and get the lowdown on the upcoming gameplay improvements over on DawnOfWar.com!

From all of us at Relic, thank you so much to all the fans that have kept Dawn of War II: Retribution thriving! We look forward to many more years of WAAAAAGH! 

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