We Be Jammin'

Posted On 02.19.2016

Global Game Jam is an international event that has developers from all walks of life get together for one weekend to make awesome games. It should come as no surprise then that Relic has been a staunch supporter of Global Game Jam Vancouver and this year’s 2016 event was no exception. Team Relic had a strong showing at UBC’s Life Sciences building with our forces divided into a Game Jam Team and an Ambassador Team.


Our Ambassador Team had one simple goal for this event - energize the masses! With that goal in mind, our team put together 200 goodie bags packed with a potent combination of healthy snacks and sugar boosts (aka junk food) to help fuel all of the game jammers. Many weary, but happy faces appreciated the energy boost from our goodie bags to help them through the final stretch.


Relic’s Game Jam Team was a force to be reckoned with as these guys and gals put together an amazing game called “Kidditch”. The team truly adhered to this year’s theme of “sacrifice” with their zany multiplayer gameplay design and old school visual style. Even though these guys & gals work on game development on a daily basis, they all found the game jam experience to be very refreshing and creatively liberating.


Team Relic will always be found in the thick of the action when it comes to supporting and championing the local game development scene. We’re already excited about the next Global Game Jam event and thinking about how we can pack even more sugary snacks into a goodie bag.

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