Kids From Arts Umbrella Learn to Draw at Relic!

Posted On 07.28.2015

Relic recently held a very successful Humble Bundle that allowed us to raise more than $280,000 USD for charity. One of the organizations we supported was Arts Umbrella, whose mission is to bring programs and resources related to all varieties of the arts to youth aged 2-19. Relic raised approximately $70,000 USD for Arts Umbrella, and to celebrate we wanted to invite some of the kids to our studio to host an art class.

A few of us Relicans went over some of the basics of art and our process, what goes in to making some of the characters featured in our titles. These are only some of the skills that Arts Umbrella teaches kids, offering programs encompassing everything from cartoons and claymation, to film and graphic novels.

We couldn't be more honored to partner with such an incredible organization as Arts Umbrella, and do our part in helping them improve the lives of over 1,200 youth each year. If you'd like to learn more about Arts Umbrella and what they do, we encourage you to visit their website!

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