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January 26, 2011

Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship

Relic Entertainment, a leading worldwide developer of video game entertainment, and a subsidiary of THQ publishing, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship. The inaugural internship will be awarded in February 2011 to a graduate of Vancouver Film School’s Game Design Program.

The Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship commemorates the work of Brian Wood, a Relic Entertainment employee who was killed in a tragic traffic accident in September 2010. Brian was a highly regarded video game designer who made important contributions to Relic’s games, and was an integral part of the Relic Entertainment family. His efforts on the Company of Heroes franchise helped to establish and sustain that game as a AAA entertainment experience. On top of that, Brian was a trusted mentor, a good spirit, and a soon to be father at the time of his death. To honor and continue his contribution to the international games community, as well as in memory of his passions in life, Relic is creating this internship program for students who exhibit a similar passion for excellence.

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is a post-secondary entertainment arts school founded in 1987. In just one intense year in Game Design at VFS, students experience the entire game design and development process, from concept to alpha to beta to final. They work closely with game industry mentors in an immersive environment that mirrors that of a professional studio as they design, produce, and present high-quality games. Relic Entertainment has worked with VFS for a number of years and in the past has had employees who taught classes as part of the Game Design curriculum. Continuing this partnership in a meaningful and long lasting effort by introducing the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship was a natural fit for all concerned.

After graduation, one successful candidate will be chosen for a 4 month internship working directly with a team at Relic, impacting the development of titles at the Vancouver based studio. Relic will provide paid internships for 3 graduating students each calendar year. For further information about the Brian Wood Memorial Game Design Internship and the Game Design course at the Vancouver Film School please visit

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