Make War Not Love – The Rematch!

Posted On 02.16.2015

This February marked Make War Not Love 2.0 - the rematch between the heavyweight strategy gaming communities of Total War: ROME II and Company of Heroes 2.

The challenge was simple. Get participants to play and win as many matches as possible because every in-game victory counted towards that side’s tally for the round. The community that won the most rounds earned FREE DLC for players of their respective game.

The stakes were high. On the Company of Heroes 2 side, players were competing for an assortment of premium skins and commanders while Total War: ROME II fans were playing for the coveted Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack.

Taking place over the Valentine’s Day weekend, the battles were fierce with thousands upon thousands of players doing their part to bring home victory. In the end, with 13 out of 24 victories, the Company of Heroes fans narrowly vanquished the Total War: ROME II community in the battle for free content.

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